In 2016, the Lowell Housing Authority set an annual goal to rebrand the agency, aligning the Authority’s activities with the modern challenges in housing, which require Public Housing Authority’s not only to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing, but to also address the social, educational, and economic barriers that hinder personal growth and independent living. Adopted by the Board at the Annual Meeting in March, this year-long endeavor to redefine the Authority, culminated in a new logo and slogan that we believe more accurately reflects the progressiveness of the agency and its programs, including our commitment to data driven decision-making, innovative housing solutions, modern architectural design, resident engagement, and cutting edge support programs that afford residents the opportunity for stability and mobility. The Lowell Housing Authority is pleased to announce the release of the agency’s new logo, and slogan. The agency will strive to be “A Foundation for Stability and Opportunity” for our residents by providing a safe and affordable place to call home and the tools needed to foster personal growth and independence.