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The Facilities Department is responsible for assessing the capital needs of the Authority and carrying out capital improvements at the Authority's family and elderly/disabled developments. These rehabilitation and construction projects are funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on the federal side and the Department of Housing and Community Development on the state side. On an annual basis, funding allocations are awarded and a budget is established which identifies the projects that will be addressed during a fiscal year. Projects such as the modernization of apartments, exterior siding or roof work, and  exterior site work are funded. Facilities Department staff are responsible for all aspects of program management from the planning stage through the design and construction phase.

The Facilities Department is supported by the plumbing and heating crew as well as the electrical crew. These skilled employees allow the Authority to maintain, update, and replace heating and electrical systems without the use of outside vendors, resulting in a cost savings to the agency.

Annual inspections of Federal units are coordinated through the Facilities Department. REAC inspections, which verify compliance with Uniform Physical Condition Standards, as established by HUD, are also coordinated with the assistance of the Facilities Department.