Home FAQs

Q: Who Can Apply?

A: Anyone can apply. Working people are encouraged to apply. Eligibility for Federal Programs is determined by the following preferences:

  • Involuntarily displaced from a dwelling unit in the municipality of Lowell, by natural disaster, by fire, by unwarranted landlord action, and by government action including capital programs of the LHA.
  • Working head of household or working spouse or person 62 years or older or a person unable to work because of the extent of his or her disability.
  • A legal resident of Lowell, or a person working in Lowell an average of 20 hours a week or more, or a person with a job offer to work in Lowell with a minimum of 20 hours a week of work.
  • A victim of domestic violence who has been relocated as verified by the police.
  • A veteran as verified by the Department of Veteran Affairs.


Q: Where Do I Go To Apply?

A: We take applications at several offices in the City of Lowell. The hours for all locations are: 9am -3pm

Mercier Center, 21 Salem Street

George W. Flanagan Development, 580 Chelmsford Street

Bishop Markham Village, 198 South Street

Archambault Towers, 350 Moody Street