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We are pleased to announce Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director for the Lowell Housing Authority, has been recently appointed to serve on the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials’ (NAHRO) Community Revitalization and Development Committee. This is an honor shared among housing professionals nationally who are dedicated to furthering the goals of affordable housing providers. Dr. Wallace will be entrusted with advocating for appropriate laws, funding, and regulatory practices to address issues in crafting responsible affordable housing policies.  Further, Dr. Wallace will be tasked with sharing his knowledge of emerging trends and best practices and working with other housing professionals to encourage economic growth and development and preserve neighborhoods. When asked about his recent appointment Dr. Wallace expressed a sincere appreciation for being selected for this role.  

I am honored to be considered for this exciting opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with other housing professionals to address critical issues impacting affordable housing across New England and strengthening my own personal commitment to serve low-income families here in the Merrimack Valley.


Dr. Wallace also sees this new appointment as an opportunity to learn from other housing professionals, particularly as he spearheads Lowell Housing Authority’s nonprofit affiliate, the Revitalization Effort Towards New Urbanism—RENU. RENU, established in early 2017 is a Lowell community collaboration whose vision is to develop mixed-use housing on Merrimack Street in Downtown Lowell.  Dr. Wallace explained how this new role will contribute to his own professional development and a valuable learning experience to share industry contributions with RENU.


I’ve spent over 30 years in the affordable housing industry, yet each new door that opens provides me with an opportunity to continue to learn from others in the field and apply those principles here in Lowell. I am excited about sharing the progress of RENU with my colleagues, but more importantly I hope to gain valuable insights from their work on similar projects as RENU considers the next steps in developing Merrimack Street.


On behalf of Chairperson Robert McMahon, the Board of Commissioners and staff at the Lowell Housing Authority, we would like to congratulate Dr. Wallace for his appointment to this pivotal NAHRO committee! We are confident that Dr. Wallace’s experience in affordable housing, his unwavering commitment to the Lowell community and his dedication to public service will prove to be valuable assets to NAHRO and the assurance that he will be a strong advocate for affordable housing residents across the region.




The Lowell Housing Authority's Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) scores are in and the LHA has been designated as a high-performer. SEMAP is designed by HUD to better manage public housing authorities by identifying deficiencies and making recommendations for improvement.  HUD rated the Authority across a number of indicators and processes, including rent and calculations, inspections, waiting list selection and the agency's ability to effectively expand housing opportunities in the community. This year's overall score for LHA is a 93%.  A special thanks to Tha Chhan, Director of Leased Housing and the Division of Leased Housing team for all their hard work in ensuring the LHA continues to run a successful program.



How much do you know about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)? The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax benefit for low and moderate income families that can assist working mothers and their children succeed.  Learn more at http://www.eitcoutreach.org/blog/four-reasons-every-parent-should-know-about-the-earned-income-tax-credit/. Also be sure to check out the short video below which highlights the impact the positive impact the EITC can make in your life.



















Tax season is upon us!  Don't stress out over this tax season because help is available throughout the City of Lowell.  Community Teamwork and Mills42 Federal Credit Union is offering free tax preparation assistance for low income individuals and families.  Be sure to ask if you qualify for an Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, or another special credit that can help you save.  Tax assistance is by appointment only.  Please click below for additional information and to schedule your appointment.